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The Universe evolved out of the eternal sound of AUM

Brahmanagrantha asserts nine times that:

Word is God, the speech is God, whatever is speech is God, God is the supreme space of speech

The Bible was to observe much later (St. John 1:1):

In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God

Biblical prophecy stipulates (Genesis 11:1):

The whole world was once of one language and one speech

Sanskrit was this original world language

The origin of what is now India can be traced back to the extant archeological ruins of the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization (ISC), dated some 8000 BC. The Indus world came into being as a result of pristine ideation by great rishis (sages) whose pioneering insights ushered in a world of peace and plenty. They epitomized an Aryan ideal of self-sacrifice for serving humanity, built great urban centers, conducted maritime trade around the globe, and became economically prosperous in a context of social harmony. They were mathematicians par excellence and had discovered the reality underlying the temporal phenomena. The insights they gained in Numerology, Astrology (jyotish) and Symbolism are now followed around the globe.

The discovery of writing in the Indus Script

They were to discover writing and linguistics that reached an acme in Sanskrit which became a lingua franca to record pioneering discoveries and advances in all spheres of human activity. Meditation on causation and reality permitted path breaking discoveries that were to form the basis of world civilization. Her archaeologists had deciphered the secrets of Vastu shastra to lift human spirit to the grandest spiritual heights while her scientists had harnessed the laws of mathematical, natural, physical, chemical and medical sciences, thousands of years before Europeans. Her literary genius had invented story telling that was to become the staple backbone of European folklore. Her freedom of thought was so total that the individual was to strive to become an Arya or as similar to God as possible through righteous karma and dharma. Life was celebrated by music, song, dance, drama, games and sports, whereas the sexual act of creation could be freely enjoyed for salvation through Tantra Yoga, even within the temple precincts. Although her vaults were overflowing with the world’s wealth, her philosophers and thinkers had understood the inevitable reality of an afterlife so renunciation and detachment were integrated into everyday life in order to prepare the individual for the last moments of physical existence.
From 5000 BC on, Bharat of old was held in awe the world over for her wealth and wisdom. She was both a highly developed manufacturing country and an agricultural country.
University was invented in Bharat of old
The ruins of Nalanda
If even some of her inventions could be patented, most of the world wealth would flow into her coffers even in this day and age. Right up to the 18th century, no other peoples could compete with her methods of production, distribution and commercial organization. So refined were her products that the British and others came to buy the luxury articles made in Bharat for resale at high profits in Europe. So efficient and highly organized were her methods of production that they had to be stifled by heavy import duties in Europe and export taxes in Bharat. So reliable and efficient was her banking system that the bills of exchange issued by her financial houses were honored everywhere in Asia and beyond. So elaborate was her network of agents, brokers and middlemen that the news of market reached them even before they reached the Western colonizers. Trading companies from all European nations competed with each other to wrest control of Indian Ocean shipping. No wonder she was called The Golden Chrysee by the British explorers and described in Sanskrit literature as suvarnabhumi or the land of gold within the Greater Bharat. Sir George Bidwood was to observe:
“The whole world has been ceaselessly pouring its bullion for 3000 years into India to buy products of her industries”.
Plastic representation of the
Priest King (left) and dance (right)
Like a loving mother, she provided religious and cultural models for her adapted siblings in most of Asia as her glory spread through the Shri Vijaya and the Majapahit Empires, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fu-nan, Khmer strongholds, Champa, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Siam and Philippines. To the West, her influence reached Persia, Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Mesopotamia, Central Asia, the Russia Republics, Greece and the Roman Empire. To the north, she took China, Korea and Japan in her embrace while to the south her message reached the East Coast of Africa. She inspired the Celts who brought culture to Europe where many countries now vie with each other to claim the Celtic heritage. Sea farers from her bosom landed in the Americas, Oceania, Africa, and Polynesia, hundreds of years before the Europeans. No other Empire in history was greater or richer and realized by such peaceful means. Instead of sending armies to kill, mutilate, torture, rape, rob and enslave, she sent ambassadors of hope, learning, and peace to peoples in alien lands who begot great Empires and monuments to honor their foster mother.
Lured by the Eastern Bounty, primitive barbarians came as conquerors to unleash a reign of physical and mental terror in the name of dogmatic faith that had prohibited free thinking, enterprise and inquiry in their native lands. Consequently, the believers there toiled in general depravity, perpetual misery, superstition, poverty, disease, hunger, filth, and the like, all of which were written off as God’s will that was never to be questioned. The Arabs came wielding the sword of Islam in the one hand, and Koran in the other, to usurp the riches of Bharat by sheer plunder, murder, theft, torture, castration and slavery thereby decimating 60-70 million Hindus. The foundation of Arabic literature and sciences was laid only between 750-850 CE where everything is foreign, except the religion. Arabs even changed Sanskrit names into Arabic to camouflage the real origin and to pass Vedic patrimony off as Arabic whose translations into European script were to jump start the revival of Europe that had remained mired in superstition, cannibalism, magic, sorcery, bestiality, homosexuality, disease epidemics, poverty, prostitution, slavery, illiteracy, and the like, because the Bible had remained a despotic instrument in the hands of the clergy to stifle all inquiry.

Sun Symbol Swastika

The British entered Bharat with Bible and Guns, first to expropriate its riches and then its culture. Whereas the European miasma suffered from the same privations as the Arabs before their conquests, the British nevertheless dubbed their plunder a “noble mission of ruling a lesser people for their own good”. Having acquired affluence by usurping some 10 trillion dollars and killing 60 million Hindus, the British could no longer tolerate the fact that the Vedic heritage was far superior to their own barbaric past.
The World’s first fresh water pool: 
The Great Bath in the ISC ruins
Attention was therefore turned to Greece as the sole source of Western Civilization and to rewrite Indian history according to foreign conquests and their aftermath. To this end, a comparative genealogy was advanced where the Vedic literature would merely be repeating the events described in the Bible although Vedic patrimony forms the core upon which Greece and the Abrahamic religions are based. An effort was finally mounted to manipulate the time maps such that all scientific and literary knowledge of ancient Bharat could be derived from Alexandrian Greece and the feigned ‘Greek miracle’. The myth of ‘Aryan invasion’, manipulated solely by comparative linguistics, was furthermore invented to pass off Vedic culture as stemming from the patrimony of the European stock. The British now dubbed themselves to be the original Aryans, much as the Germans had done, who in some remote past had been the teachers of Vedic sages, seers, and Brahmins although they had failed to create anything worthwhile in their native habitat. The British also engineered a local fifth column, in the form of an education system, designed to create an English educated sub-caste, that would ape the British to repudiate its own Vedic tradition, and look instead to the west as the fount of its civilization. The educated ‘elite’ in modern India are still clinging desperately to this colonial dream.
Nataraja Shiva: Eternal movement
of creation and destruction
Consequently, post-independence Indians acquired the inferiority complex, starting with Nehru and Gandhi, who exploited India much as the invaders had done. The ruling coalition in India is actually a juggernaut of self-seekers, Marxists, Maoists, Western intelligence agencies, Christian Churches, Muslim sharia and ulema, for the final demise of the Vedic-Hindu marvel and conversion of pagan Hindus into the fold of ‘true’ religions that had once been inspired by the Vedic ideal. The press in India is foreign owned and continues to cater to its foreign masters to denigrate the Vedic past a lot of which has been written off as ‘mythology’. Visual media, too, have turned its back on the plight of Hindu patrimony and its ancient roots in the name modernism, civilization, internationalism, and so forth. Yet, the Stoic Hindu remains oblivious to the distortion of his shining history, and his self-respect, to seek solace in the confines of his home and limited socio-cultural sphere.
(Chrisn, Christ, Herakles,
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Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh 
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